Capability Statement



Blackhead, Co. AntrimAulino Wann & Associates is involved in the areas of Ecological Consultancy, Bio Diversity and Eco Homes.  We are extremely business focused and provide a quality, cost-effective service involving the principles of environmental sustainability accompanied by ethical, helpful problem solving.  Our maxim is “do not do onto others that which you would not have done onto yourself” and we try to carry this through in all areas of our business. We also keep up-to-date with the latest environmental legislation to ensure our clients remain within the law.

Experience and Expertise

Aulino Wann & Associates areas of expertise include the following:

  • Lesser Butterfly Orchid Platanthera bifoliaHabitat creation
  • Ecological surveys for EIA (impacts, mitigation measures, monitoring), Ecohomes Schemes, Native Woodland Grant Scheme (in RoI), planning appeals & to support the designation of protected areas for nature including subsequent management & favourable condition monitoring
  • Nature conservation site management plans and species & habitat action plans.  Also local biodiversity action plans.
  • Recreational planning on wildlife sites – nature trail design
  • Restoration ecology – habitat creation
  • Environmental courses & production of environmental interpretative material
  • Environmental project management & feasibility studies
  • Environmental grant applications

The Company comprises of the following staff, including the owner, who are called upon as and when required:

  • 3 experienced specialist sub-contractors (mammal & bird surveyors)
  • Over 20 additional sub-contractors including: foresters, GIS personnel, environmental facilitation, marine biologists, invertebrate biologists, agriculturalists, contaminated land, geology, hydrology, public consultation, data analysis, environmental educators, fisheries, freshwater biologists & planners)

Whitehead Quarry, Co. AntrimMost sub-contractors who work for Aulino Wann & Associates are educated to at least MSc level and have several years experience in their area of expertise.  All staff & subcontractors do a minimum of at least 20 hours per year of structured & unstructured CPD training in the form of attending conferences, seminars, workshops & courses as recommended by IEEM.

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Aulino Wann & Associates follow all IEEM, UK codes of professional conduct & are subject to the disciplinary regulations of the Institute.  In addition those in the employ of Aulino Wann also adhere to these regulations.

Clients are drawn from:

  • Government Departments & Agencies
  • Local Authorities
  • Architects
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Windfarm developers
  • Private landowners
  • Environmental non-government organisations


At Aulino Wann & Associates we are proud of the high standard of service we give to our clients from initial contact through to product delivery.  We aim at all times to deliver what we promise on time and will not compromise on this.  Aulino Wann & Associates is committed to providing a client-focused, quality, professional service offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to environmental problems using best available technology within set timeframes and within budget.