Professional Code of Conduct


  • Aulino Wann & Associates is dedicated to the continuous training and development of our staff to provide an ever-increasing level of professionalism to our clients. As such, we actively encourage our sub-contractors to become full members of IEEM UK and once a member, follow IEEM CPD requirements and keep up to date with developments in their field by attending IEEM and non-IEEM courses, seminars, workshops and self study and to network with other environmental professionals working in their area of expertise.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates is committed to working in partnership with, and providing a professional service to all clients.  The Company is concerned with the maintenance of good practice and is committed to a Code of Professional Conduct, which defines their professionalism and working standards.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates continually seek to improve performance and update and refresh their skills and knowledge.  The Company strives to identify and promote excellence, whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity and competence.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates seek to achieve the fullest possible development of people for present and future organisational needs, and encourage self-development by individuals.  The Company also promotes and maintains fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people, as well as promoting and exercising employment practices that remove unfair discrimination, including, but not limited to, gender, age, race, religion, disability and background.
  • In all business, professional and related personal activities, Aulino Wann & Associates will exercise integrity, honesty, diligence and appropriate behaviour.  The Company will act within the law and will not encourage, assist or act in collusion with any other parties engaged in unlawful conduct

Meeting Clients’ Requirements

Acid flush on blanket bog, Callagheen, Co. FermanaghAulino Wann & Associates will use their professional judgement and expertise to clarify clients’ specific requirements, identify concerns and evaluate the effectiveness of various solutions through regular day-to-day contact throughout the project period.  We encourage two way communication at all times to allow both us and our clients to gain an understanding of our respective organisations.

Clients’ requirements and interests are regarded as paramount at all times and we treat all information relating to client affairs in the strictest confidence.  The Company will use due diligence and exercise high standards of timeliness, appropriateness and accuracy in the information and advice provided to clients.

The Company has a very clear understanding of what can and cannot be achieved and – as our reputation is paramount – we will not undertake any work for which we do not feel qualified and work in line with IEEM Code of Professional Practice.  Clients are assured that we would disclose all such concerns we have at any stage of the project. Likewise, we will immediately disclose any factors we feel would impair our ability to serve our client including conflicts of interest.

Aulino Wann & Associates will ensure that the client is kept fully informed about progress of the project, and will encourage and take note of any feedback from clients on the performance of services provided (by Aulino Wann & Associates).  Findings will be communicated clearly to the client in the form of discussions, presentations and written reports.  This will take the form of day-to-day contact throughout the project and will be through e-mail, telephone and regular meetings with the clients’ key contact to discuss and identify work priorities and to provide updates on progress.

Aulino Wann & Associates will ensure that advice, solutions and recommendations are based on thorough, impartial consideration and analysis of all available facts and relevant experience, and are realistic, practicable and clearly understood by the client


Integrity, independence and objectivity

Veteran treeWhen offering advice and recommendations, Aulino Wann & Associates will be guided solely by their objective view of the client’s best interests.  The Company will disclose at the earliest opportunity any special relationships, circumstances or business interests which might influence or impair, or which could be seen by the client or others to influence or impair, Aulino Wann & Associates judgement or objectivity on a particular project.

Aulino Wann & Associates will exercise independence of thought and action, deal with issues in perspective and give well-balanced advice; the Company will act courteously and with consideration towards all individuals contacted in the course of undertaking projects.

Aulino Wann & Associates follow the IEEM Code of Professional Practice and also guidance relating to the following:

  • Guidance for Costing of Project Work
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Guidance for Organisational Informal Training
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Guidance on Advertising Practice
  • Guidance for Access to Land
  • Guidance for Tendering
  • Guidance for Model Service Agreements
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Disciplinary Regulations
  • Risk Assessment for Lone Workers.