Environmental Policy

Aulino Wann & Associates is committed to producing and delivering quality services.  The business recognises that its day-to-day operations impact on the environment in a number of ways.  Aulino Wann & Associates wish to minimise the potential harmful effects of such actions wherever, and whenever this is practicable.

Aulino Wann & Associates will comply fully with relevant most-up-to-date environmental legislation, regulations and licensing conditions at all stages of their operations.  A safety health check of the premises has been undertaken by Safety Works Northern Ireland. 

Aulino Wann & Associates will

  • Undertake to continually renew the RoI FAS Safe Pass for working on construction sites in RoI and will ensure sub-contractors obtain the same
  • The Company is working towards obtaining OHSAS 18001:1999, HSG 65 or BS 8800 certification
  • The Company will produce a Health & Safety Statement and associated risk assessment for work projects secured in RoI and NI.

Aulino Wann & Associates also conform to the IEEM Code of Profession Practice relating to the promotion of sustainable development and the protection of the global environment and pay due cognisance to the Government commitment to sustainable procurement.  In addition, the Company is committed to the protection of the local environment and to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities by:

  • Following the waste management hierarchy of eliminate, reduce, re-use and recycle.  Any waste that cannot be re-used is recycled in the existing Carrickfergus Borough Council black bin scheme.
  • All waste paper is shredded and added to our compost heap together with other bin waste.
  • Using recycled paper for all reports and correspondence with clients.  Aulino Wann & Associates Company literature is already produced on recycled paper.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates use refillable and recyclable pens and recycled paper as much as possible if the products of required specification are available.  We also send our OKI colour printer toner cartridges and old mobile phones away for recycling.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates also use electronic media, whenever possible, to communicate with clients – this enable us to cut down on paper usage.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates have installed bird feeders, baths and nest boxes in the green space behind the offices.  We have also installed a water butt for collecting roof water for use on our green areas and an organic allotment at the back of the offices for staff use.

Aulino Wann & Associates has planned to implement the following measures: 

  • Aim to become a fully greenhouse gas neutral over the next 10 years.
  • Install a micro-turbine and/or solar panel at our offices.
  • Calculate our air miles and plant the equivalent amount of native trees to offset our emissions produced by servicing our clients whether through meetings or survey work.  Aulino Wann & Associates also aim to encourage clients and sub-contractors to do the same at every opportunity.
  • Aulino Wann & Associates will carry out an annual waste audit to further reduce resource use.

Aulino Wann & Associates will adopt a positive environmental approach throughout all our activities including:

  • Only using suppliers with sound environmental policies and products
  • Not doing business with companies who have a record of causing persistent environmental damage as shown by repeated prosecutions by the relevant environmental agencies

Aulino Wann & Associates are already contributing to sustainable development through the services we provide, including carrying out habitat surveys for site designation purposes, Ecohomes assessments for more sustainable homes and ecological impact assessments for major wind farm developments.  We will also encourage our clients to work towards sustainable development in all their activities.  Also the Company use public transport to access sites whenever possible.  We, as a company, do not use gas-guzzling 4 x 4s and have opted for relatively energy efficiency smaller models.  The offices of Aulino Wann & Associates are already using low energy light bulbs in most of the office space.


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