Health & Safety

Aulino Wann & Associates take health and safety very seriously. Aulino Wann & Associates strictly conform to the most up-to-date primary health and safety legislation in Northern Ireland (Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978, in particular Article 4 ‘General Duties of Employers to their Employees’) and in the Republic of Ireland (Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005).

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All staff and associates are required to attend a safety induction meeting prior to the start of any project. A health and safety statement and associated risk assessment document based on the likely risks to the heath of all staff and associates during any project is also produced, and given to each team member. All staff and associates are covered by the insurance policy of Aulino Wann & Associates. We hold adequate public liability, professional indemnity and employers liability insurance to cover any project. Generally, all staff and associates working for Aulino Wann throughout Ireland have an in-depth awareness of health and safety issues that enable them to work on sites without risk to themselves or others who might be affected by their actions or omissions.