Environmental Services Offered

Ecological Surveys and Mapping

  • Habitat, bird and mammal surveys using standardized methodologies for Environmental Impact Assessments  throughout Ireland including determination of impacts, compiling mitigation measures, and post-construction monitoring,
  • Habitat surveys to provide the baseline data required to support the designation of protected areas for biodiversity (e.g. Special Areas of Conservation, Natural Heritage Areas, Areas of Special Scientific Interest and Sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance).
  • Northern Ireland - Ecological reports for Building Research Establishment (BRE), UK EcoHomes Scheme and to support planning appeals to the Planning Appeals Commission.
  • Republic of Ireland - Ecological reports for Forest Service Native Woodland Scheme, Rural Environment Protection Scheme, Special Area of Conservation designation appeals process, and to support planning appeals to An Bord Pleanála.

Habitat Survey Methodologies Utilised Include:

  • Northern Ireland – Joint Nature Conservation Committee  extended Phase 1, NVC Phase 1 and 2, River Habitat Survey (RHS) and River Corridor Survey (RCS).
  • Republic of Ireland (ROI) – Heritage Council Standard Habitat Classification Scheme.

Habitat mapping is an integral part of habitat surveys. Aulino Wann & Associates are set up for digitised habitat mapping using mobile GIS (ArcPad downloaded onto a Trimble Geoexplorer XM data logger) in the field. Data is then downloaded into ArcView 9.2 on an office PC for subsequent editing and further analysis. For the efficient capture of data attributes in the field, customized input forms tailored to individual projects are created on an office PC and then downloaded into the Trimble Geoexplorer XM data logger. 

Conservation Management

Compilation of site conservation management plans for central and local government and the community and voluntary sectors throughout Ireland.

Favourable Condition Monitoring

Nature conservation site condition monitoring throughout Ireland using standard monitoring protocols to ensure that the nature conservation interest of the sites is being maintained.

Conservation Plans

Nature conservation site management plans, species and habitat action plans, and local biodiversity action plans

Recreational Planning

Boardwalk at Scragh Bog, Co. Westmeath

Recreational planning (e.g. nature trail design) on wildlife sites as part of ecotourism initiatives involving a combination of fieldwork and subsequent design work using ArcView GIS software




Native wildflower seed donor site, Belfast HillsRestoration Ecology

Habitat creation including initial site assessments and survey, and post-construction monitoring (we can also source and supply wildflower meadow mixes through our associate company Ecoseeds Ltd. – )


The invasive plant Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica

Invasive Species Monitoring

Invasive species mapping using mobile GIS (ArcPad 7.0 loaded onto Trimble XM Geoexplorer data logger) and subsequent eradication and control plans.





Limestone formations at The Cladagh, Co. FermanaghGeo-Environmental Services

  • Geological and mining heritage site assessment for tourism project applications
  • Water and gas monitoring from bore-holes and surface waters
  • Phase 1 and 2 site investigations undertaken
  • Geological and hydrological Vulnerability Matrices compiled
  • Analysis of soil, waters, biological materials, contaminated land and geological samples
  • Geological mapping fieldwork undertaken
  • Phytoremediation
  • Waste stream identification, recycling and re-use analysis for retail and industry

Biodiversity Training

Biodiversity training for local authorities, developers, and the community and voluntary sectors.


Environmental Interpretation

Compilation of text and images to raise the profile of wildlife sites as part of environmental awareness and eco-tourism initiatives.


Wildlife Garden Creation

We can provide advice for the enhancement of land for biodiversity, from the largest development sites to the smallest community owned plot using the best practice technique based on the most up-to-date research findings pertaining to habitat creation.


Environmental Project Management

Aulino Wann can manage all your ecological requirements in one integrated package, from initial advice on planning and legislative issues to coordinating and implementing site surveys, assessing of impacts and monitoring of mitigation measures. Bringing experienced ecologists onboard early in the life of the development project is more cost effective in the long term in terms of time saved and in preventing breaches of nature conservation legislation. We guarantee compliance with the most up-to-date planning and nature conservation legislation, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly lawsuits.


Environmental Grants Advice

Advice to community and voluntary groups on environmental grant applications.